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Breathe in & Breathe out, Let go.
Zen Lounge is designed to calm the storm inside.

Stress Relief App

Relieve Stress with Music

Zen Lounge is your ticket to a relaxing getaway – and you don’t even have to go anywhere. Escape the stresses of the day. Uncover what it really means to wind down and recharge

Meditation App
Stress Relief App


Zen Lounge makes meditation accessible to everyone – both, expert and beginners.


Drift Into Deep Relaxation with Zen lounge – your own Personal Getaway

Sleep App
Ambience App


Enjoy sound sleep with soothing music, nature sounds and relax melodies


Tap into your inner peace with immersive music and ambient soundscapes.

Every time you Meditate with Zen Lounge, Something Good Happens!

We plant a tree for every Premium Member.
The power of meditation can make the World Green!

Users Worldwide
100000 +

A Free App with
40,000 possible combinations

Zen Lounge makes meditation accessible to everyone. Using simple techniques, anyone can unwind, letting the stresses of the day fade away.

World Music

Relax melodies curated by Zen masters most suitable for meditation and Stress Relief

Sounds Library

Collection of Nature sounds, like rains, wind, river, thunder, sea waves, waterfall, aircon, ASMR and more

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Built in Equalizer

Adjust levels for each Music and Sound track to build that special soundscape.

Personal Gateway

Select any music from a big library, mix sounds, uncover what it really means to unwind and relax.

What People are saying about Zen lounge

I always thought a Meditation App was a Premium App. This free app gives me much more!
Noelia carmen
Creative Artist
I was stressed due to the current pandemic, Zen Lounge helped me stay away from medications.
Chris Farman
Media Executive
The nature sounds like river and rains never fail me to put in a deep relaxing sleep.
Roan Smith
Data Analyst
Zen New Blue

Breathe in✨ Breathe out✨ Recharge⚡
Let  Zen Lounge show you how to get there. 

We want to see you Happy

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