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Mindfulness definition

What is Mindfulness Meditation? Why is it Important to Practice Mindfulness?

Mindfulness Meditation is a powerful tool that can transform lives. When you find it hard paying attention to the most important things – or perhaps you often see your mind wandering, to the past or the future, mindfulness meditation can help rest and settle the mind.  Imagine a life filled with enormous clarity and calmness …

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Healthy Ways to Relieve Stress

9 Effective Healthy Ways To Relieve Stress

Manage Stress with Healthy HabitsHealthy habits can help you both in physical and emotional wellness.9 Healthy Habits to Fight Stress Healthy Ways to Relieve Stress Healthy ways relieve stress as such habits prevent many health conditions associated with stress, such as stroke, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Healthy habits will also improve your physical appearance …

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Pure and Deep Relaxation Breathe in & Breathe out, Let go. Zen Lounge is designed to calm the storm inside. Relieve Stress with Music Zen Lounge is your ticket to a relaxing getaway – and you don’t even have to go anywhere. Escape the stresses of the day. Uncover what it really means to wind …

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FAQ Most frequently asked questions and answers What is Zen Lounge? Zen Lounge or the Zen App is a meditation and stress Relief app developed by Zen Lounge. The app is available for both Android and IOS phones. The Zen Music App  uses soothing and relaxing zen music The app was first launched online on …

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Using Zen Lounge

Zen Lounge App How to use the App ? Zen Lounge is one the simplest and easiest app for Stress Relief. Use it for Meditation, Relaxation or simply play it in the background to improve your focus in studies, creativity or wfh. Download the App Download the Zen Lounge app from Google Playstore or …

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Zen Lounge MEDITATION REDEFINED Background Zen Lounge started with the onset of Pandemic. The initial idea was to give some support during stressful times. Something widely available and free of cost – Music. Not any music – but hand-picked soothing and relaxing music with an ability to mix one or more nature sounds which have …

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