Zen Lounge App

How to use the Zen Music App ?

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Zen Lounge App is one the simplest and easiest app . Use it for Meditation or simply play it in the background to improve your focus in studies, creativity or just relaxing.

Select Mood

Launch the zen music app and select any one of the ten available moods. Simply tap on the mood icon to select one of the soothing sounds

Zen App Mood Screen
Zen Lounge App Sound Screen

Add Sounds

Click the + icon on the player screen and select any nature sounds or atmosphere sounds. There are 6 free sounds and 14 premium sounds to choose from in the zen music app

Adjust levels

With each selection of sounds or white noise, you can adjust the level of the sound. Every natural sounds and the main music can be adjusted.

Zen Lounge app equaliser
Meditation Music Player

Enjoy Your Creation

Now you have your own creation – a unique piece of music which we are sure will give you peace of mind. The zen music app can help create your own personal ambiance.

Meditation Timer

You can set a daily target and see your daily progress on the Stats screen – to see your performance on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Meditation Timer
Zen App Meditation Levels

Track Your Progress

Your daily meditation is linked with Zen levels which you can find on the Levels screen of the zen music app. As you complete certain hours you rise up these levels.  

Its that simple ! A zen music app to help you into mindfulness and relaxation. Download today !

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