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Nature has the healing power for all our pain and troubles. She cares for us in a way which only an intelligent mind can understand. Apart from the benefits of trees like holding the environment together, providing gases for breathing, cleaning CO2 emissions, nature has other benefits like providing habitat to thousand of species, livelihood, fruits and crops, medicines to mention a few.

A Tree is also the symbol of meditation – she is a living example of patience, perseverance and more. She stands still in silence, observes and witnesses everything and gives in silence – shades, food and clean air. Nearly 46% of the world’s forest are destroyed forever and we are cutting off trees at an alarming rate. A forest the size of a football field is destroyed every 1.2 second. If we do not realize the dame we are doing and try to do reconstruct the lost greenery the future of this planet will be devastating. 

Nature also plays an important role in mental wellness. walking in nature, spending time among the trees, listening to nature sounds has a soothing and calming effect on human mind.

Stress Relief with Nature

Stress Relief with Nature – 9 ways

Nature can be an incredible stress reliever, especially during these uncertain times. Studies show that even a 10-minute break in a natural setting can positively impact our physical, emotional, and mental health.

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Nature and mental wellness

How does Nature Influence our Mental Wellness?

Research shows that being in green spaces can improve your psychological state by relieving stress and reducing anxiety, depression, fear, and anger. Exposure to nature contributes to our mental wellness – a pleasant state of mind and improved health by lowering heart rate and stress hormones.

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