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Everytime you meditate something good happens

Every time you use the Zen Lounge app something good happens!  Somewhere, the world gets a little more greener – a better place for the coming generations.

Listen to Music, mix nature sounds and meditate while making the earth a better place…


Zen Lounge helps you do just that!

Stress Relief and Meditation - Free App

We are all stressed, but planet earth maybe more stressed!

No matter how bad things seem, whether it’s daily life or the surrounding world — there’s always a safe haven. That safe haven is meditation. Meditation allows anyone to escape to a relaxing getaway, which is hidden within their own head.

80,000 acres of natural trees across the globe are being destroyed every single day…

And more harmful gases are being released into the atmosphere every single minute.

But now there’s a very simple, fun and transformative “Green” meditation app that’s literally going to change the entire world.

Zen Lounge incorporates the proven power of meditation, while also helping save Mother Earth at the same time. And it’s doing it in a very visual way that leads to a real impact in the world.

The concept is a very simple but powerful one…

The more you meditate, the more real trees will be planted in your name.

This makes using the app a total WIN-WIN for both you, and Mother Earth herself.

You get to reap the rewards of regular meditation – which include lower stress levels, less body tension, better health, and greater mental clarity and positivity.

And Mother Earth wins by being naturally replenished with more oxygen-producing trees that will also help reduce harmful C02 greenhouse emissions.

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One App Multiple Benefits

Layer 1

Meditation, Mindfulness, Zen, Awareness – perfect music for any kind of meditation.

Layer 2

Special music and sounds for Stress, Anxiety, Depression relief. No need of medication!

Layer 3

Ambient  music for Yoga, Relax, Stretch, Create Mood and Deep Sleep

Layer 4

Background Music, Nature sounds, Office Noise for Work from home


Try the Free Version of the Zen App. Download from Appstore or Playstore.

Our Story - how it started

It all started with the Pandemic devastating the World

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In the News

Try the Free Version of the Zen App. Download from Appstore or Playstore.

Living in the Post Covid era is even harder!

Perhaps the most devastating effect of all this has been a second pandemic that psychologists are calling the “mental health pandemic”. The effect of stress and anxiety has far-reaching devastating effects than we can imagine. Not only our mental wellness, but stress also affects immunity to a great extent. So, it’s essential to understand its effects and how we can deal with them.

But we found mother earth was way more stressed than us

The challenge was to develop an app to help both us and our planet. An app to help us relieve stress while the earth relieves itself of bad gasses … Is it possible to truly translate the Power of Meditation into something visible ?

Zen Lounge -
Unleashing the Power of Meditation

Zen Lounge helps to make the Planet Green. Download from Appstore or Playstore.

A Green World

You start with one tree. As you meditate you progress – you go up the levels and the number of trees goes up. From a single tree, you build a garden and together we build a forest.

You will see the trees planted on your Profile page and how many litres of CO2 is getting removed by your efforts. Share the impact with your friends and families.

And as we Relieve Stress the Earth Relives CO2

Zen Lounge App

Start with one tree

We plant a tree the moment you sign up which helps reduce the carbon footprint…You get a certificate of appreciation mailed to you.

Zen Music App

Buid a Garden

For every Zen level you complete we plant more trees. Your generous contribution goes a long way in creating a rich ecological biodiverse planet.

Zen App

Build a Forest

Together we can build a forest. A lush-green world for the future generation with clean air and. Something we all will be proud to leave behind!

Together we can build a lush green planet. Try the Free Version of the Zen App. Download from Appstore or Playstore.

You get a Digital certificate for the Tree planted. We have tie-ups with One Tree Planted and other NGO’s to plant trees. 

Zen lounge Certificate

Sponsor a Tree

Saving Trees

We are proud associates of ‘One Tree Planted’ and you can sponsor a tree directly with them also!

Share your Impact from the app!

Tell the world how much CO2 you helped remove!

Zen lounge

Why spend $$$ on Guided Meditation Apps?

Meditation does not require guidance. In fact, there are no rules for meditation. Its simply finding the silence which is already there deeply buried. All you need is a quiet place and soothing Ambience and Zen Lounge helps you do that effortlessly.

Picture a scenario, you close your eyes, turn on the blissful sounds that liberate your mind, and put you in a most harmonious state where the abundance flow like in Zen Buddhism…

How to use the app?

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Zen Lounge is a Meditation, Relaxation and Stress relief app tested by over 100,000+ users. Try the Free Version of the Zen App. Download from Appstore or Playstore.