Most of us suffered from Stress or Anxiety during the Pandemic. Did you manage to stay cool or was it difficult? Would you mind sharing your story to help others?

Zen Lounge - Stress Relief with Relaxing Sounds

With Zen Lounge you can say “goodbye” to stress and “hello” to pure relaxation through the power of atmosphere sounds, nature sounds and soothing sleep sounds with zen melodies and meditation music for relaxation and stress relief.

Zen Lounge meditation app helps you do just that!

With all the craziness around us… Wouldn’t it be better to have something that can help you relax and de-stress? Put a stop to all those stressful thoughts… and help you unwind? So you can recharge your mind, and get back to the world with full strength! with the Zen Lounge app.

Less Stress

Our brain is hardcoded to respond to music. Music is amazing! – It can make us happy, sad, emotional, and even help us in deep sleep.

More Living

Stress relief is important. Anxiety, depression leads to poor health and affects our immunity system. Life is meant to be lived every moment.

Happier Life

A happier life is what all we desire. A life capable of handling worries and pain in every situation. Zen Lounge can melt your stress away 

Stress Relief was never this easy !

Are you struggling with anxiety and feelings of loneliness due to isolation?

Listen to atmosphere relaxing sounds & soothing music curated for depression, feelings of loneliness, despair, and anxiety.
Improve your mental health by using peaceful sounds and relaxing music that takes your mind to a different state.
Zen Lounge – Stress Relief Relaxing Sounds app is here to help you in getting the self-help and anxiety relief you seek.

Have zen meditation soothing sounds available quick & easy anywhere, at any time, and supercharge your mental wellbeing in your conditions.

Stress Relief with Zen Lounge app
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Inhale Peace - Exhale Worries

Try a Sample Audio

Download The FREE APP Now – and Say Bye-Bye to Stress

Picture a scenario, you close your eyes, turn on the aesthetic rendering of blissful sounds that liberate your mind, and put you in a most harmonious state where the abundance flow like in Zen Buddhism…

Let go of your troubles with this incredible stress relief app featuring proven anti stress sounds! Save yourself from down the abyss of depression, anxiety stress, and despair by using this app. Choose from different mental health categories including:

Nature Sounds

Relaxing Music

Zen Melodies

Sleep Sounds

How It Works

Select a Mood

Select a Zen mood from a choice of 10 distinct moods from meditation, healing,sleep and more for relaxing with the Zen Lounge app.

Add Atmosphere Sounds

Add nature sounds from a selection of 20 handpicked sounds like birds songs, river, waterfall and even soothing sleep sounds

Enjoy your own Creation

Adjust levels of with the Equalizer, to create the perfect Zen Melody, fix a duration – use the built in Meditation Timer Sit back, relax and enjoy your own Zen Lounge !


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Step onto a journey of unlocking a better lifestyle with Zen Lounge: relaxing sounds. Calm down & get to a state of zen NOW!

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Anti-stress relaxing music helps you stay sane and connected. Use of balanced sounds helps in anxiety relief. Choose what best fits your stress relief profile and track your performance to maintain good mental wellbeing. Read our articles for more insights in inner peace and mental well being.

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