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Zen Lounge is one the simplest and easiest app for Stress Relief. Use it for Meditation, Relaxation or simply play it in the background to improve your focus in studies, creativity or wfh.

Download the App

Download the Zen Lounge app from Google Playstore or Apple App Store. Install it on your Phone and open the app.

Select Mood

Launch the app and select any category. Then select one of the Zen melodies – swipe to see more. Click on the one you like

Enjoy the Music

Put on your headphones and enjoy the Zen Music – adjust the volume. You can now add nature sounds and also fix a duration.

Add Nature Sounds

You can add nature, atmosphere sounds and even ASMR to your music, adjust levels and create your own mix, any kind of ambiance.

Your Zen Levels

As you use the app daily, you make progress and move up the Zen levels. Each level has a badge which shows on your profile page (Premium feature)

Check your Stats

The Statistics screen (Premium feature) helps you keep track of your progress, the number of sessions, your target achievement based on daily targets and your current level.

Your Impact

Your Profile Page (Premium feature) reflects your impact on reducing your carbon footprint. For every member, we plant a tree and as you progress, we plant more trees. Together we are committed to make the World a much better place.

It’s that simple! A totally free app for Stress Relief that also helps you into mindfulness and relaxation. Download today!

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