Stress Relief with Creative Activity – 9 Easy and Effective Ways

Stress Relief activity

Manage Stress with Creative ActivitesA Creative activity can provide you the right kind of distraction from anxiety9 Creative Activities to Relieve Stress

Stress Relief with Creative Activity

Indulging in creative activity can provide the right distraction from stressful thoughts and experiences. Studies show that the effects of art on stress and mood are profoundly satisfying and joyous. These effects don’t rely on how talented you are, and most times, it has nothing to do with your creations’ quality. Creative activities relieves stress through the process and not the outcome.

It can also help you release difficult emotions and allow a specific ‘flow’ revitalizing and restorative. Plus, if you end up with a gorgeous outcome, your joy and happiness increase tremendously.  Not sure what creative projects you can enjoy? Here are nine great ideas to try.

Infographics: 9 Creative Ways to Relieve Stress

Infographics - Stress relief

1. Journaling

Journaling for stress relief

Journaling is one of the most effective and proven stress management techniques. Journaling provides an avenue to pour out your emotions and serves as an escape from negative feelings and thoughts.  It can also help you organize your thoughts, clear your mind, and broaden your perspective.

Journaling can also help combat depressive symptoms and as such a great activity for stress relief. Evidence also shows it can help with various chronic conditions such as lupus, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis. In the end, it can improve your mental and emotional wellbeing.

2. Painting


Painting is also an excellent way to get rid of stress. Evidence shows that painting can help you find that emotional release. It can allow your mind to relax and let go of problems. This, in turn, reduces stress and can relieve mental strain.

Painting will also help you cultivate emotional growth and build your resilience towards the pandemic’s overwhelming impacts. When you create beautiful things through painting, it can release bursts of joy and happiness in you.  Do realize that it doesn’t have to involve oil pastels. You can simply make charcoal sketches or even use regular colored pencils. Whichever is handy, you will enjoy the life-changing results.

3. Doodle away

Doodling - Activity for stress relief

If painting isn’t for you, then you can always try doodling. Doodling involves creating random pictures of little things, including flowers, smiling faces, hearts extra. You can create a journal for doodles or simply use whatever is handy. Although evidence is still in its early stages, Scientists say that random doodles can be a great stress reliever. Alternatively, coloring images can also help you deal with anxiety and negative thoughts.

There are cool coloring books on the market for all ages to try. Simply find one that interests you and start coloring. Doodle is one cool activity for stress relief.

4. Take an Art Class

Stress relief with creative activity

Joining an art class is also a great way to enjoy the added benefit of social support. There are lots of options too. From painting to sculpting, pottery, jewelry making, there are many art classes you can take. Art is one of the long-standing and proven activity for stress relief.

Don’t hesitate to experiment as much as you like until you find the perfect match. Many art classes now occur virtually, which means you can fit them into your schedule effectively. You don’t also have to worry about your artistic skills while learning. Simply relax and go with the flow.

5. Craft with Kids

Craft Activity for Stress Relief

Crafts are great ways to use your hands and creative brain, which in turn alleviates stress.  Consider having a fun time with your kids building fun crafts. This can help improve the quality of time spent with your kids and help them deal with their anxiety during these trying times.

It is also an excellent way to break down barriers and boost their self-confidence. Crafting is also a powerful activity for stress relief and also to strengthen your relationship with your kids.

6. Design a Mood Board

You can also consider creating mood boards or collages from old advertisements or magazines. This is a fun and simple exercise that will bring temporary but soothing relief. You can also create mood boards of great memories.

This offers a great way to appreciate the beautiful things you have achieved in the past. Research shows that when you regularly express gratitude, it lowers stress and depression and boosts overall happiness. Shortlist this one activity for stress relief and you will never regret it as it is a fun and engaging exercise.

7. Immerse in Photography

Creative Activity for stress relief

Are you considering building your photography skills? That is an excellent idea. Photography provides a great way to focus on positive life experiences. It can also help you express yourself better, reduce stress, and boost your self-worth.

What’s more, photography provides an outlet that doesn’t always have to be serious. You can take great photos merely for the relish of being able to capture memories. Overall, photography is a top activity for stress relief as it reduces your stress hormone levels, which reduces the possibility of developing certain diseases.

8. Seasonal Crafts

Decoration Art

Evidence shows that holidays have a way of putting us in a happy mood. You can ramp it up by indulging in seasonal crafts. Consider decorating holiday ornaments, painting pumpkins, or even creating your own Halloween costume.

For Christmas, you can take your time decorating a great tree and your home.  A Japanese study found that inhaling pine trees’ aroma can boost your mood and reduce stress and depression. As there are many occasions all year round you can always count on this activity for stress relief.

9. Create a Symbolic Mandala

Mandalas are circular designs with complicated symbols and patterns within them. Evidence shows that creating mandalas can help decrease trauma associated with PTSD. Other evidence shows that it can help release emotions living behind a soothing and calming feel. One reason why people love creating mandalas is that you can make them look, however you like. You can either enrich with shapes that have profound meaning or simply put together random bits to make something that looks fascinating.  Whichever the path, just make sure you are having lots of fun creating. You can even take it a step further by coloring pre-printed mandalas.

There are many more creative activities to manage stress effectively.  You can experiment with different ideas until you find the perfect creative activity for you.  Art provides a way to learn a new skill or simply develop an amazing hobby.  You can even turn some of these creative activities into money-making ventures, so it is a win-win for you.

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