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Zen Lounge started with the onset of Pandemic. The initial idea was to give some support during stressful times. Something widely available and free of cost – Music. Not any music – but hand-picked soothing and relaxing music with an ability to mix one or more nature sounds which have a proven effect on mind. The launch was a success with worldwide downloads exceeding our expections many times

Zen Music App
Zen App - Green meditation App

The New Version with Unique Features

Living in the Post Covid era is even harder! Perhaps the most devastating effect of all this has been a second pandemic that psychologists are calling mental health pandemic. The effect of stress and anxiety has far-reaching devastating effects than we can imagine. Not only our mental wellness, but stress also affects immunity to a great extent. This is when we started developing Version 2 of our app which is now available…

But, we found Mother earth was more stressed than us

Our only home – planet earth was more stressed than us…. With 46% of the forests gone and ever increasing pollution she needed more help and support than us… We planned this unique app to make it complimentary for mother earth to get benefits of your meditation – yes, this is what the Zen Lounge App is all about. You meditate and the earth goes green. The more you meditate the more greener it goes !

Zen Lounge helps visualise the power of meditation

Zen Lounge is available for both IOS and Android. Download the Free Version Today – Install Now !

A single app with multiple features

Zen lounge offers music and nature sounds for Meditation, Stress relief and relaxation, creating ambiance for wfh, spa, zen and even sleep. A wide choice of soothing and zen melodies which can be mixed with nature sounds, white noise, asmr etc, thus allowing the user to create his own personal soundscape. 

Zen Lounge is a Freemium App for Meditation and Stress Relief. While all the music and sounds are available to free users, the Premium Version allows a n ad free experience at a nominal cost of US$ 1.79 per month or US$ 17.99 for the whole year. Premium subscribers gets a tress planted in their name, can access their profile page to see their Zen garden, see their statistics and achievement . Zen Lounge is proud partners of ‘One Tree Planted’

Self Guided Music Therapy for Mental Wellness

40,000 Combinations
Mixing music with sounds

Founder - Debashis Dey

Debashis has always been fascinated by the connection that exists between nature and the mind. It’s one that led him to turn his back on a corporate career after 20 years, giving away his material possessions, and move to a calmer place. He chose Himachal — a remote village that allowed him to spend years connecting with tribes and Buddhist Monks who showed him a new definition of happiness. Once he saw the way reconnecting with nature changed his life, he knew he had to share it with the rest of the world. In that moment  Zen Lounge was born, and there was no looking back.

By creating a simple, intuitive app that allows anyone to immerse themselves in their own personal soundscape, he created a little island of calm and tranquility that one can visit all day long. Just what one needs to hear when he or she wants to meditate, relax, and enjoy the level of stress relief that only nature can provide. All they have to do is decide when they want to start the journey…

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Debashis Dey

Team Members

Sumanto Ganguly
Sumanta Ganguly - Advisor: Strategy

Sumanta Ganguly

Chief Strategy Officer, Ogilvy Africa

Mirroring the growth of the internet in India, where he went to work with business plans and securing VC funding, Sumanta has spent the last two decades building businesses on digital from the ground up. From publishing systems that pioneered digital content to technology platforms for deeply engaged sports communities, habit building gamified apps to developing frameworks for data aided brand performance as new service lines to India’s first AI-powered Car Voice Bot. Sumanta has launched some of the largest brands in India online.

Sumanta has spent the last 6 years with Mullen Lowe Lintas Group building its digital strategy and technology offering and now leads the Strategic Planning Vision for Ogilvy across Africa. Sumanta brings his understanding of technology and marketing to wire future-ready businesses.

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Manish Agrawal
Manish Agrawal - Advisor: Technology

Manish Agrawal

Lead Engineer - Deutsche Telekom

Extremely good at one thing and that is building, developing tech products and providing solutions. Years of experience in developing and delivering mobile apps especially Ios.  Manish has worked successfully with tier-1 video OTT apps providers, from Chromecast, live sports streaming to monetising apps via video ads. 

Living in Gurgaon after moving from the small city of UP,  he best describes himself as a wannabe entrepreneur. He follows meditation, loves playing cricket and an ardent Indian food lover. 
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Tania Dey
Tania Dey - Advisor: User Experience

Tania dey

VP – Customer Experience Strategy - Mullen Lowe Lintas Group, India

Always been obsessed about how technology affects us as human civilization. Starting out at product start-ups and on to CX strategy today. She works in customer. experience strategy to understand how emerging technologies can build better brands.

She has created digital transformation blueprints, future customer experience maps, omnichannel brand strategy and end to end content solutions – Across FnB, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Music, Sports, BFSI, Non-Profit, Fashion, E-commerce and Automotive amongst many others.

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Zen Lounge Logo

Zen Lounge started with the concept of making available zen melodies and sounds for meditation and stress relief. Our logo reflects the sate of Zen which can be achieved using the app and the music contained in the application.

Zen Lounge

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Zen Lounge

Website: https://zenlounge.in

email: debashis.dey[at]zenlounge [dot] in

skype:+1 (315) 675 5174

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