Guided Meditation for Anxiety Relief

Relieve Anxiety with Meditation

Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety Relief

From the past few years, researchers and medical health experts have realized the effectiveness of guided meditation. It is considered as the best way to reduce anxiety by altering brain mechanism at a natural level.

Recently, in the year 2013, some researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center presented a study regarding Neural Correlates of Mindfulness Meditation Related Anxiety Relief; this study shows the brain regions that are activated with the help of mindfulness meditation.

Note that, Anxiety is better defined as a cognitive state that occurs when the brain finds it difficult to regulate the emotional responses against some threats. Mindfulness meditation is capable enough to regular those responses so that person can get relief from anxiety. The researchers who conducted that study in the year 2013 revealed that they observed several areas of the brain that were activated by mindfulness meditation along with those that stayed deactivated during this practice.

How does mindfulness meditation work against anxiety?

Mindfulness meditation is proven to be one of the most effective antidotes to deal with anxiety. Although, the clear idea about how meditation provides relief for anxiety is still a part of research; some studies reveal that it works by managing the brain mechanism in favor of relaxing vibes.

Note that, anxiety is not just responsible for making you feel bad; rather, at the same time, it changes the normal function and structure of your brain wiring. You might be aware of the fact that hippocampus is the essential seat of the memory; anxiety tries to decrease its size. At the same time, it increases the overall size of the amygdala; this area is generally responsible for developing the fear response in your brain. Hence, the person starts feeling more fearful and anxious as well.

The increasing levels of anxiety, fear, and stress in the human brain further leads to the release of stress hormones. It further causes imbalances in terms of chemicals and neurotransmitters that otherwise help cells to communicate with each other.

Mindfulness meditation is believed to be the most effective tool to deal with the negative consequences of anxiety. It can reverse the damage caused by anxiety symptoms while taking your brain wiring to the normal state where you can feel relaxed and happy as well. Studies reveal that mindfulness meditation can work for dealing with a variety of disorders; the list includes addictions, bipolar disorder, binge eating disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, agoraphobia, panic disorder, social anxiety, and generalized anxiety disorder.

Generally, human brain processes more than 50000 thoughts per day; out of which, most are negative. But it doesn’t mean that you cannot get rid of them. Meditation can help your brain to view every thought in a different manner. Soon you will stop worrying about the past and future; it will balance your mental state to focus on the present and naturally, you can enjoy life in a better manner. It is good to learn mindfulness meditation with the help of some expert trainers online, and soon, you will be able to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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