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Healing and Mental Wellness

At times, the stress, anxiety and depression gets out of hand and creates immense trouble for the mind. The stress can be from our work, our daily chores, a disease, an anticipation of something bad, a relation, expectation and many more. 

The current pandemic has brought in an unprecedented situation beyond our comprehension creating anxiety all over the world. It’s not easy to escape it. It requires a very careful approach and handling to accept it and move on. meditation helps, so does counselling but given the dispersion or social distancing we must depend on our own wisdom to manage it most of the time.

mental wellness is important as it is directly related to our physical wellbeing. If left unattended, it can cause serious issues with loss of focus and concentration, lack of motivation and gradual dependance on medication which comes with serious side effects and dependancy. There are many ways to deal with the human mind, Read the articles and we are sure you will find good advice.

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