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A Better Sleep can work wonders for our body and mind. Sleep not only reduces stress but also helps the body recover and rejuvenate. Much like the defragmentation in computers, sleep reorganizes our thoughts, memories and helps us to wake up fresh with new vigor and energy.

There’s no clear-cut number of hours that one has to sleep every night. While some people need to sleep for up to eight hours, some need more hours of sleep, while others can do with fewer hours of sleep. It all depends on your body’s needs. Ideally, you need to understand your body, know that waking up grumpy and pining for a chance to take a little nap indicates that you need more hours of sleep. 

Theta State

What is Theta State?

Theta State Explained Theta State, a mysterious state, is a mental state where it is assumed you may create anything and immediately alter your reality.

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