How to Plant a Tree and Make the World a Greener Place

Plant a tree – not only for fruits or shade or for birds to make a nest but to help clean the air of CO2. Plant a tree to help make the earth a better living place and, in the process, leave something behind for future generations. Earth is our home, but every day, we destroy the forest, pollute the environment, extract minerals just for feeding our greed without thinking of the irreversible damage. It is like drilling a hole in your boat… it is like setting fire to your own house. A simple act of planting a tree by each of us can make the world a much better place. 

Plant a tree to build a forest
From a single tree we can grow a forest

Plant a tree before its too late

When we think of aging well, we may think of wine. After all, the adage tells us to ‘age like a fine wine.’ But if we were true to age well, we should follow the example of trees. The aging of trees is indeterminate: they’re always growing, and it’s a cyclical process. Year on year, they shed the old and rejuvenate with fresh life and vigor.

Wrapped as we are in a world so enamored with ever-increasing, ever-unattainable growth, it would stand us in good stead to take the example of trees more often. Like trees, we should shed what is no longer working in our lives instead of trying to accumulate more and more until – if you forgive the pun – we can’t see the forest for the trees.

But there will be no forest (literal or metaphorical) to see if humans continue on the destructive path of deforestation we currently find ourselves on. Trees serve a multitude of purposes to the planet and all who inhabit it – including us! From shade and shelter to food and fine views, we cannot underestimate the importance of trees. Remember: trees are the lungs of the Earth. By absorbing carbon dioxide, removing and storing carbon, and releasing oxygen back into the air, trees give us air to breathe. 

They’re also vital in conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. Plant a tree in your garden, and butterflies will visit you. Birds will have a home. Bees will buzz. And just like trees: birds, butterflies, and especially bees are integral to our survival

Trees are good for physical and mental health

But greening the world isn’t just about forests and gardens. Their purpose and place extend into the city as well. Trees improve air quality by removing dust and air pollutants, making them especially important in urban areas choked by smog and exhaust. By planting trees in cities, we improve not only their air quality but also their aesthetics. 

Trees also help reduce glare, hide unattractive sites, and muffle the sound. By planting trees over and around buildings, a cooling effect is provided, minimizing the need to cool homes and offices artificially. All these aspects work in tandem to reduce our carbon footprint, thus combating human-induced climate change, taking a step to set our minds at ease by helping us put the brakes on the planet’s destruction.

Trees contribute to our mental wellness
Trees contribute to our mental wellness

Trees advance our mental wellness. In a fast-paced, high-stress, urban-centered world, we can use whatever mental breaks we can get. That break can be as simple as making our lives a little greener. Since trees do so much for us, including being spiritual teachers, it’s good to give a little something back to nature – and it can be as simple as stepping into your backyard and planting a tree. 

Just as walking through nature or merely seeing a little more green in your life can increase mental wellness, planting a tree can do the same. It gives you purpose and makes your house feel more like a home when you invest time, patience, and love into it. 

How to plant a tree ? - getting started

Planting a tree is a great project to take on alone if you’re looking for a little ‘me time,’ but it can be just as important and fun as a bonding moment with a loved one. Whether you’re going solo or doing teamwork, here are a few tips and tricks to bear in mind when planting a tree. .

  • Get potted or container trees from a nursery or plant seeds or pips (such as lemon trees). 
  • Consider the function and location of the tree. Trees create shade and shelter, so they’re great for hot, sunny spots. Bear in mind that planting over a pool will ultimately create shade, causing the water’s temperature to drop. Trees grow up and out, so be mindful of planting trees in areas where they may uproot pavements or paths. 
  • Bear in mind what the trees shed, e.g., leaves, fruit, seeds. You do not want to plant a tree over a driveway if it’s going to shed flowers and seeds onto cars that end up staining it; or over a pool, where it will shed leaves into the water. 
  • Dig a proper planting hole, ensuring it is the right depth. When replanting a potted plant, make sure the hole’s depth and diameter are the same as the container. 
Plant a Tree
Tree planting is great satisfying exercise
  • Remove grass and weeds from the planting site.
  • Break up the soil around the hole.
  • Backfill the hole with the soil you removed.
  • Create a ridge around the base of the tree to contain water and channel it to the roots.
  • Eliminate air pockets.
  • Add mulch
  • Water properly. Please make sure the roots are not dry but bear in mind that they must not become water-logged either.
  • Consider staking carefully. Bear in mind the tree’s root ball, trunk size, strength, and wind direction. Do no stake a sturdy tree. Trees should be able to stand on their own after a year.
  • Do not fertilize during the first year. 

Sometimes it is as simple as throwing food waste (such as old lemon pips) into the garden and seeing what happens. Again, it is also a great way to manage food waste. Unabated and mismanaged clearing of forests and reckless and irresponsible food waste management contribute to human-induced climate change. You can play your part in combating climate change by planting a tree and using food waste for your garden. You can even use the garden and food waste to create your own mulch or compost!

If you don’t have a garden or don’t want to start a tree-growing project alone, join a group or organization focused on greening your neighborhood or other urban areas. You’ll meet people and make friends, all while greening the world and creating a sense of unity and purpose within a community.

Zen Lounge helps you plant a tree
Zen Lounge helps you plant a tree

Zen Lounge helps you plant a tree. For every member Zen Lounge plants a tree and as yo progress with meditation more trees are planted in your name. You get a certificate which you can display and share. The power of meditation can make this world green. Contact us to know the exact date of launch.

Planting trees is also a great project to take on with kids. Not only is it educational in teaching them about the importance of trees to humanity and the planet, but it encourages an appreciation of and respect for nature—all this while allowing them to invest in nature and their futures.

Greening the world by planting trees teaches us (not just kids!) the value of time, patience, and appreciation for the world around us. In a fast-paced, high-stress world, we need any opportunity we can take to ‘stop and smell the roses’ or, in this case, to plant a tree and make a greener world so that when we grow older, we’ve not just aged, but aged well.

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