Chakra Cleansing with Meditation

Chakra Cleansing Meditation

Chakras are the name given to energy centers or hubs of energy. The body has as many as 7 chakras, with each of them being there at various points of the energy line of the body. These run down the midline of the body, from base to spine to the apex of the head. When energy runs through the body, the chakras are supposed to serve as watchmen for their respective spots. When the chakras run smoothly, there is a free flow of vitality and energy to spots where it is required the most. When there is blockage of a chakra, energy might be stuck and it can manifest in the form of discomfiture.

What is Chakra Cleansing?

It refers to a cleaning of the chakras, or removing a blockage from the same. It is essential to carry out a chakra cleanse, given that a blocked chakra stops energy flow. The blockage of energy can interfere with everyday life and can also lead to a spiritual blockage. It could emerge as psychological problems, such as:

  • Feeling dissociated
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Lack of motivation
  • Sensation of depression

If not treated in time, it can result in physical issues like stomach pains in the Sacral Chakras or Solar Plexus or headaches in the Third Eye Chakras or Crown Chakras. You may either go for regularly go for chakra cleansing whether or not it is blocked or go for cleansing only when you experience the symptoms.

What are the Various Chakra Cleansing Methods?

There are different ways by which you can cleanse the chakras.

  • You may carry out a chakra cleaning meditation for every chakra simultaneously, which can aid in general energy flow.
  • You may also perform meditation for chakra cleaning for every specific chakra.

In case you have the energy and time, it can be best to do both. If you have a limited span of time, you may carry out a meditation on chakra cleaning for any chakra that is blocked and creating issues for you.

Individual Chakra Cleansing Meditation

When you have to perform a chakra cleanse for each specific chakra, you have to consider quite a few things. In an individual chakra cleaning meditation, every individual chakra is related. The Crown Chakra symbolizes an association with all things – spiritual, physical, and the whole universe. Prayer or meditation is the easiest way to cleanse chakras.

In the case of Third Eye Chakra cleansing, you have to use its association to light to be able to cleanse it. Imagine your body like a solar panel. You will need the energy of the sun for charging your own positive energy.

For the Throat Chakra cleansing, you need open space outside. You would like to meditate beneath a blue sky or anywhere you can view the sky from for that matter.

Multiple Chakras Cleansing Meditation

This kind of chakra cleansing is just like standard meditation. You have to lie down or sit in a comfortable position in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. When you begin a multiple chakras cleansing meditation, begin by taking a few deep breaths.

Concentrate on the breaths until you can feel that you are entering a trance-like condition. Imagine a beam of white light shining from above down on you, and over your Crown Chakra.

Concentrate on the Crown chakra and the energy that is flowing to it, until there is unblocking of the Chakra, and energy is allowed to flow through to the following chakra.

You have to do this all the way to finally reach your Root Chakra, and allow some time for the energy to easily flow through every chakra.

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