Solfeggio Frequencies & Meditation

Solfeggio Frequencies

The Solfeggio Frequencies comprise a set of tones that were used originally in Gregorian chants which were sung during the Latin Mass. It can be obtained in the Hymn to St. John the Baptist, and the tones were supposed to have lots of power – particularly when sung in harmony. Each tone corresponds to a specific frequency. For the best effects, you have to follow the right steps to be able to meditate the best way in accompaniment with Solfeggio Music frequencies. Here are some tips to help you.

Sit comfortably

You do not have to sit in a specific Solfeggio position as such. Lie down or sit in a comfortable and quiet place. You need to be in a state of comfort to be able to connect with the cosmos.

You can use headphones

You can avoid headphones. In case there is any external sound, you may use headphones – which can let you meditate with higher focus. There is no definite rule about using headphones. But using these can let you improve audio stimulation and listening experience. Do whichever you prefer.

Solfeggio frequencies for meditation as background music

You may even play the Solfeggio frequencies for meditation as music in the background while sleeping or during the daytime. Keep the mind awake to the power of the healing Solfeggio tones. It is a good idea to keep the volume quite low. Let the Solfeggio music sounds cleanse your soul, body, and mind.

Listen to the Solfeggio frequencies for 3 times per week at least, for a minimum of 15 minutes in each session – for four to six weeks. You may also daily listen to the frequencies by playing it in the form of background music while performing other activities – such as Yoga, workouts, studying, or even doing normal work. Play the PureTone Solfeggios at low volume in the background while you listen to music or watch a movie. Try to be creative. But it is important to avoid playing it when you carry out activities that demand you to be alert.

Listen to Solfeggio frequencies as per your need

You can begin to listen to any Solfeggio frequency that suits your needs. However, it is better to start with a 396 Hz frequency for balancing the Root Chakra. Start visualizing the red color. The frequency cleans up the sensations of guilt, makes your mind awake, and transforms sadness into joy. The 417 Hz is another useful Solfeggio frequency that can tune the Sacral Chakra, which is orange in color. You have to visualize it in orange color so that you can feel the transformation as the tone encourages your cell and energizes your body.

Try to listen repetitively

Listening to your chosen Solfeggio frequency for Meditation repetitively can be more useful, as the musical vibrations can improve your clarity and boost energy in your body. It can have an impact on the energy field that surrounds you, your office, and your home, and can purify your body and mind.

In case you are listening to the pure tones of solfeggio frequencies with no additional music, it is recommended that you fine-tune the frequency volume, and ensure that it gives you comfort. A few people are sound-sensitive whereas others are not. You need to find a volume level that is optimal for you.

It also needs to apply to Solfeggio frequencies that are mixed with sounds of nature or music. But these frequencies are generally at a reduced level than nature or musical sounds, so that you can play it more naturally at a higher volume. You need to find a volume level that is optimal for you.

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