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Healing Music

Music has a direct link to our emotions. A healing Music can be helpful in many ways such as relieving stress and calming the body. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, music is an art which can be understood by almost everyone. It is something that is prevalent in almost every major culture of the world. There are many different genres of music and each genre has its own significance. Some people like Jazz while others prefer rock or classical music.
One of the most major types of music genre is Meditation music. Even though music has been used for therapeutical purposes since decades, It is still a relatively new genre as compared to other music types out there.

Music As A Stress Management Tool

Studies have shown that music can be used as an effective stress management tool. Listening to music can be considered as one of the most cost effective ways of fighting stress. A lot of people reduce their levels of stress by listening to their preferred music. It is believed that people can use their personal favorite music in order to reduce stress however scientific studies show that softer music is more effective in combating stress as compared to loud music.
Most Effective Types of Healing Music
Many different cultures have developed their own types of healing music. A lot of studies have been conducted on the healing power of music. The results of these studies have shown that the following music types and instrument are the most powerful when it comes to their healing properties.
• Native American Music
• Celtic Music
• Indian Stringed Instruments
• Flutes

Slow Music Is The Best Healer

Slow music reduces blood-pressure and makes the heartbeat slow which helps in reducing stress. This type of music can have a very beneficial effect on our psychological as well as physical functions. Music is a positive distraction, it absorbs our attention and helps in exploring our emotions in a better manner. Listening to slow music can have a relaxing effect on our minds and body.

Music can be used for healing the entire body, it does not logically heal an injured part of the human body but slow tempo music can calm your mind and relax your muscles. Music automatically connects with your nervous system and the limbic system (feelings and emotion). Relaxing music can be helpful in relaxing the mind and making the pain go away. Listening to relaxing music can be a very soothing experience. Enjoying such type of music on a daily basis can aid in healing your mental stress and anxiety.
Music which helps in recovering mental health is known as “healing music”. Music helps in reducing the sensation and distress of chronic pain. This kind of music improves verbal memory and focused attention. Healing music includes; light jazz and classical music. Some natural sounds such as the sound of rain and thunder also play an important part in relaxing mind. Music relaxes the mind and makes the quality of sleep better too. Classical music is a very relaxing type of music as it helps in improving concentration and reducing stress and anxiety.
In Conclusion

Music is quite helpful but what may work for one person may not work for the other, so try to choose the genre that would work for you. People who deal with severe depression and anxiety can’t be healed by just listening to relaxing music but it can bring a slight change in their mood. It also brings optimism. Musical preferences vary from individual to individual and forcing yourself to listen to relaxing music which irritates you can create tension not reduce it, so you have to judge “relaxing music” for yourself by going through the varieties of music according to your liking. It should also be kept in mind that music might have some amazing healing properties but it is still not a magical spell that can make your worries and stress go away with a single whirl of a wand. You have to be patient. Give it time and you will see and feel the positive results yourself.

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