The Science Behind Meditation with Music

Music and the human brain

So, what is the science behind meditation with music ? Or is it just a notion or a mis concept? Let’s look into the current nature of our society and lifestyle.

Hectic lifestyles, social commitments and scrolling Instagram and Facebook define our lives these days! It becomes difficult to maintain a healthy and disciplined lifestyle which ultimately lead to stress and complications. We all don’t want stress, but we are the originators of it. It is important to take some measures to relieve yourself from stress and episodes of anxiety. Meditation is the best supplement.

Meditation is all about switching off your mind to turn on your wellbeing.

Everyone says that they are so busy to even spare ten minutes from their routine for a peaceful meditation. Also, they don’t find a quiet place to meditate. There is one answer to all these questions – start meditation! Until you start, you will never explore your comfortable state.

Often people ask about self-care questions related to meditation. Is it required to dim your lights, light candles and listen to music while meditating? This post is to talk about music and meditation. What is the science behind meditation with music and how can music help in building a connection between your mind and meditative state?

Music is food for deep meditation

The music is to shift your brain into a more meditative state. They help in setting a blissful and meditative tone for the session. In other words, you can conquer depression and heartbreak and find inner peace by flowing along with the music. It creates a calmer environment which helps you in delving into meditation state and make it more effective. Meditation and Music sometimes become a single identity – listening to particular music will make you feel meditative!

Mesmerising rhythm sets the atmosphere

Meditation Music helps you in feeling a sense of serenity as the sound waves through the air into your body. You will feel the vibration within yourself with the soft rhythm. It acts as a bridge to connect you with your thoughts, so you feel light and calm. Sometimes, it is too difficult to just spend time on one activity, complementing meditation with music is so atmospheric and mesmerising.

Music assists you in immersing into the atmosphere

The capacity to stay still is very less and the more you practice, the more you excel. It is necessary to slow down your brain, switch off your thoughts and detach yourself from the hectic lifestyle. The soft music will help you in taking baby steps towards the meditative state. Initially, you might continue to think about the deadlines, the email which you missed to reply and where did you keep your keys! But if you try and focus, meditation with music is really a great tool as the music acts as your friend to take you to the spaced-out state. A state where your brain can take a deep breath and say, “I am not thinking anything right now”.

Slip into the relaxed state with your favourite tone

If you want you let your mind drift and your body go into the calm, floaty and positive zone then meditation and music can help you incredibly. It helps you find the focus and then makes it easier to navigate towards your meditative zone. If you have never tried meditation or tried meditation but without music, then try this time with soft music. It can be piano, flute or any recorded rhythm which can help you in relaxing into the present. SO in the end we can really conclude that there is some science behind meditation with music.

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You can check this video to see how soothing zen music helps in Meditation.

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