Stress Relief with Nature – 9 ways

Stress Relief with Nature
1. Manage Stress with Nature
Nature has incredible power to heal the mind
9 Activities with Nature to try out

Nature can be an incredible stress reliever, especially during these uncertain times. Studies show that even a 10-minute break in a natural setting can positively impact our physical, emotional, and mental health. Other studies also show that exposure to nature helps us breathe in phytoncides from plants, fighting off infections and diseases. 

According to the Mental Health Foundation, exploring a relationship with the natural world can be just the dose of medicine we need to relax and improve our wellbeing. However, if you’re are glued to your computer, TV, or any screen, it might be challenging knowing how to commune with nature. 

Reconnecting with nature for stress relief can be the most beneficial experience during these difficult times. Here are nine fascinating nature activities you can try to transform your life for the better.

1. Enjoy the Scenery

There are little patches of nature around us that you can enjoy without living your home. For instance, you can sit in your kitchen and watch birds at a feeder outside your home. Sure, it looks as though you are doing nothing.

Such a small and almost insignificant activity can be remarkably soothing. It can also be transformed into a stay-at-home family fun affair.  You can also wake at dawn and watch the sunrise, sit at the beach, lake, or waterway. All these simple experiences can set the pace for a beautiful day filled with joy and happiness.

2. Unleash your Green Thumb


You can also find other enjoyable ways to appreciate green spaces regularly. Consider cultivating a lush garden in your backyard. If you don’t have the space to do so, you can do it for your local community. Not sure how to go about it? Consider getting involved in the community gardens. Some people offer physical spaces to their neighbors to grow fruits, veggies, and even flowers.  You can also get involved in creating a bicycle path or some other infrastructure that offers green spaces for everyone.  In the end, you will not just enjoy the mood-boosting, stress-reducing benefits but gain that sense of belonging somewhere that many people have lost during the last few months. Your green thumb can become a great stress management technique for you and your family.

3. Take your Stress-relieving Stretches Outdoors

Stress relief with Nature

Do you enjoy Yoga every other day? Already Yoga offers amazing perks to your body, especially in building core strength. The best thing is to practice Yoga outdoors. Yoga and Nature has a special relationship – one is complimentary to the other. While Yoga helps us in keeping our body flexible and fit , nature heals and provides peace of mind. Together they can work wonders for you in relieving stress.

4. Take a Walk in Nature

You don’t have to hike up the mountains or big rugged landscapes. You can simply take a walk around your local woodland, or stroll in a city park.  Walking, on its own, is a great way to de-stress.  But taking a hike through the busy streets does not provide that great mental boost that you need at this time.  Now is the time to take that walk to experience stress relief with nature. You don’t have to make it a big and challenge to cover the miles.  You can walk aimlessly, and by so doing, immersing yourself in the natural world.  So, by combining with the wonders of nature, you can ramp up the benefits and revitalize your life.

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5. Get your Work Outside

Outdoor office

Working at home is great, but soon the walls begin to cramp us. The lack of chatter from our co-workers can make it difficult to work in a happy mood.  Consider setting up your working space in nature. If you’ve got a lovely garden, now is the time to enjoy it. If not, the local park can provide just that soothing atmosphere. Stress Relief with Nature is easy.

6. Sleep in Nature

If you have trouble sleeping, camping can be a perfect way to get back on your beauty sleep.  Studies show that a week-long summer camping trip can reset your body’s internal clock, especially if you keep the electronics at home. This might just be the proper antidote for those with mild sleeping problems. Nature helps in stress relief through special healing power less understood by science. 

7. Go on a Picnic

Picnic for stress relief with nature

You can take the entire family on a picnic in a natural environment. It is a great way to reconnect with nature while spending quality time with your family. That way, you don’t have to feel isolated. You can easily socialize with people without breaking the rules of physical distancing. Picnics, in nature, provides the perfect space to build stronger relationships with your loved ones.

8. Study Outdoors

Are you studying for exams or learning a new thing? Then take your studies out to nature. Evidence shows that studying in the natural environment can help you retain your memory. This is as opposed to overhead fluorescent lights, which can hurt your eyes and be distracting. Read with the bright sky overhead, and you can watch your focus improve.  Nature can equally help you eliminate distractions, relive stress while providing the ideal space to start ticking off those tasks with no struggles attached.

9. Immerse in the Virtual Natural World

You don’t have to enjoy nature in small doses. You can continue to surround yourself with it consistently in every other thing you do. Consider meditating with nature sounds.  It can also provide soothing relief and a sense of calm. You can even enjoy nature’s positive mental health outcomes by looking at green spaces or going on virtual tours.  Currently, there are many virtual tours to many hot destinations you can try. Zen Lounge can also provide a fascinating collection of nature sounds to immerse yourself and step away from the awful horrors of the pandemic.

Before the coronavirus, a good number of us were stuck in a merry-go-round of artificial environments. The strains of lock-down, isolation, fear, and grief can deteriorate our mental wellbeing if left unchecked. Go out to the natural space can stop stress from taking over your life. Overall, connecting with nature – even by looking out – can decrease mental distress, help you manage life tasks, and boost happiness.

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