Meditation For Mindfulness – Living The Moment

Meditation for Mindfulness

Meditation for Mindfulness

Meditation for Mindfulness is almost the same as  a normal meditation except that here you focus on living the moment. The question is, what is mindfulness? and how to achieve it?

Mindfulness: a straightforward word, but how many of you are aware of this term. Well, to improve your knowledge base, it is important to highlight that mindfulness is actually a practice of paying full attention to whatever you are doing.

Most of the times, it happens that while we are doing some work with our hands, our mind takes a ride to some other thoughts and the obsessive collection of happenings make us anxious about the future. Such practices often take away all our peace and happiness. That is why experts recommend following meditation for mindfulness. With this practice, human beings use their natural ability to be physically and mentally present at one point and get fully involved in whatever they are doing; without being affected by what is happening around. However, this state is not that easy to achieve; only meditation can help you to reach that point.

How to practice guided meditation for mindfulness?

Well, it is high time to understand that mindfulness is a natural quality in all human beings; but we are not able to realize its power in life. Meditation is the best way to enhance your brain’s ability to appreciate the moments that are going on without worrying about what happened in the past and what will happen in the future. Meditation for mindfulness is a way to create a special positive space for yourself; where you can think, breathe, and react the way you want.

It is quite easier to practice meditation for mindfulness; you will be happy to hear that it doesn’t require any equipment or gear. No special bench or cushion; one can devote a few minutes every day for mindfulness meditation while sitting anywhere. It doesn’t involve any complicated procedure; no excuse that you cannot find quiet space to practice mindfulness. One can do it anytime; even while traveling in a metro, sitting in the office and cooking at home; the idea is to pay full attention to the present moment without making any judgment about happenings. Your mind may try to drift to several matters, it will take you to the fantasy world, but you have to focus on the present and make it the best with your sincere efforts.

Most of us have a wrong concept about Meditation for Mindfulness – that it requires a peaceful place, a candle or an incense stick, eyes closed .. yes, all these definitely helps in calming the mind but a mature mind needs nothing to be quite. Yes, with some practice you will also be able to shut off your mind with maybe just the help of some slow music. Meditation Music at 60 Hz is best and it really helps us to slow down. Shutting off the mind from your immediate worries is like switching off lights in a series of adjacent rooms and then sitting in the garden in a quite place. Your imagination is strong enough to guide you through this process – and you can even do it while traveling or simply sitting anywhere. Not that all visions are focussed on what they look at – your eyes can be open but focussed nowhere in special.

There is no doubt to say that fear is an essential element of human nature; we often get nervous on small matters in life. It further leads to stress, anxiety, and depression. In such situations, experts advise practicing mindfulness meditation. The idea is to defuse all the judgments and unwanted investigations about the future; just recognize the present sensations of your body and less them make you feel ultimate peace of mind.

In order to start meditation for mindfulness, simply take a seat, put on some meditation music set short time limit, start noticing your body and the breath, try to be kind enough to your wondering mind. Soon you will be able to bring it under control, and it will naturally provide you great relief from unwanted pains in life. With slow breathing and eyes closed you can almost feel every part of your body. Your sense can travel all over you and the stay focussed at any given place say, the space between your eyes. With deep breathing and a relaxed approach you will start experiencing true inner peace and a blissful state. Keep doing that on a regular basis – it might sound strange but you will start enjoying the moment instead of pondering in the past and speculating about the future.

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