Relaxing Sleep Music – Delta Waves & Flute

Relaxing Deep Sleep Music – Delta Waves & Flute

Relaxing Sleep Music - Soothing Soft Indian Flute Music mixed with Delta Waves and instruments like piano, chiming bells creates the perfect ambiance for deep sleep, a calming, soothing environment also suitable for meditation, healing, background music, and relaxing.

This special relaxing deep sleep music has been created after much research to blend properly with zen music components to produce a perfect harmony and help you attain inner peace and balance while listening to the soothing tune of the Indian Flute and Music accompaniment. At Zen Lounge we do not upload in bulk - each of our Zen Music is well crafted and blended by top most musicians while we master each track at Landr, USA. We are new but we are the best!

Having trouble sleeping can have wide-ranging, negative effects on your health, so it's something that you should take seriously. For instance, it makes you less safe behind the wheel and increases your long-term risk of medical conditions such as obesity and heart disease. Though medical sleep aids may work quickly to help you drift off, they can have side effects and aren't good to use in the long term. Luckily, there is another treatment for sleepless nights that's cheap, isn't habit-forming, and has absolutely no negative side effects: relaxing sleep music. - Sleep Foundation

Delta Waves are the most mysterious of all waves happening inside a human brain. These waves only occur when we are in a state of deep and dreamless sleep and hence least understood. There is a school of thought which explains delta waves as a pathway to the collective consciousness – which means that the entire collective mind-space connects to become a unified pool of intelligence.

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