Om Chanting Mantra for Transcendental Meditation

Sound Of Creation – Powerful Deep Om Chanting for Transcendental Meditation


Om is the first most sound that has emerged from the vibrations generated by cosmic energies. It is believed to be the sound of creation, the source of the Universe, or the Representation of the supreme creator. When Om Chanting is right, it reverberates inside the human body and fills the inner system with tranquillity and energy as well. Experts say that Om is the ultimate way to give peace to your body, mind, and soul.

The powerful and deep vibrations of Aum Chanting vibrates the entire body from the cells spreading to all organs and help cleanse the aura, generate positive energy, and a cosmic vibrational field around you. Meditation with Ohm Chanting is the best way towards Transcendental Meditation which helps you focus be it for study or yoga.

Zen Lounge brings you the very best in Meditation and Healing Music. Om Chanting is a Vedic Indian Mantra believed by some to be the seed mantra or the base mantra of the Third Eye Chakra. Meditation with Om Mantra helps in calming the mind and attain a peaceful state.

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