What is Spiritual Awareness or Enlightenment?

Spiritual Awareness

We often seem to understand what is meant by awareness, but how about spiritual awareness? The word ‘awareness’ has a vague and confusing meaning. We all seem to feel aware of being angry, sad, or happy.

But are we aware of these emotions? As Krishnamurti states, ‘we gain awareness, after feeling those things, not before or even during the moment.’

Spiritual awareness is something deeper – it is unveiling an extraordinary state of mind, going into a wider dimension much above self, without superficial understanding. It goes beyond the superficial awareness we gain through our five sensory organs. It’s a lot deeper than the thoughts, emotions, or perceptions of things around us.

Spiritual Awareness

What is the meaning of Spiritual Awareness or Awakening?

To understand spiritual awareness, we must first understand what we usually perceive. As said earlier, we might feel we know when we are happy or angry, but we only become aware of those emotions after the fact. This begins with our sensory experiences. The ability to tell the color of that mug, the hummingbird perching over the flower under the radiance of the sun, the ability to tell the different sounds around us, their various heights and depths, and then to feeling our bodies, all without preferences, comparisons, likes or dislikes. Thereby, we are gaining all that awareness without having any psychological involvement. Again, the next step is how we feel or perceive those things. This is what we call thought or emotion.

So, in the end, if we were to describe the mug in front of us, it wouldn’t mean the completely detached version but our emotional involvement with it. Sometimes, it’s easy to get carried away with those thoughts and emotions and confuse reality for that perception.

However, when we can become aware of those feelings and psychological responses, we’ve reached a higher depth of awareness: the awareness of our response to the mug. Often, we are unaware of this – we only see the cup through the response, which is a conditioned response. Then again, this psychological involvement will be defined by our memories and experiences. It is a prejudiced feeling, but also we often allow these conditioned responses to rule our awareness.

What is Spiritual Awareness or Awakening ?

Looking at all we’ve said, it becomes clear that there is no simple or straightforward answer to this question. In the general sense, spiritual awareness is about becoming conscious of ‘spiritual matters.’

The term’ spiritual matters’ is different for different people. It is, in fact, so vague a term that one or two people talking about it might not mean the same symbolic meanings.

To some, spiritual awareness is about connecting with one’s soup. To others is connecting with the divine through simulating the pineal gland in the brain or gaining the knowledge of what’s occurring within the incorporeal, spiritual realm.  For some others, it is achieving a profound inner change in their thoughts and way of being. To many others, it’s about gaining an understanding of life.

Still, there is no doubt, connecting with the spiritual is a real and profoundly fulfilling adventure.

So, despite the different sounding answers, there is a common goal that becoming spiritually aware strips away boundaries and unnecessary norms. It helps you reach out to the ultimate truth.

It brings awareness and knowledge of all things, removing all fragmentations and perceptions that divide us and our spirit.

It might bring to light diverse spiritual questions such as:

  • Who am I?
  • Why do I feel a certain lack of something in my life?
  • Is this all there is?
  • Is there something better out there?

As your level of awareness grows, these questions will expand beyond you to the universe. I believe a better term would be ‘spiritual awakening’ as it becomes easier to relate with the process of being able to explore beyond our superficial awareness. For many, it begins with getting rid of exploring ourselves as individuals and more as being a part of a larger system. It brings to light an exploration of our entire being to become whole and unite our physical bodies with our spirits with a connected purpose.

We recognize that all things come from one source and, therefore, share a connection.

Therefore, spiritual awareness or spiritual awakening is about gaining an increase in conscious awareness. 

How To Become Spiritually Aware?

We all have that conscious awareness, but the difference of what level of awareness we can attest to have. This is different for everyone. So, we must seek to connect our superficial understanding with our subconscious mind to match living in a fully conscious existence and increase our spiritual awareness.

However, to reach that full awareness, getting to that level starts with gradual steps.  Awareness levels will also vary for different people. Becoming spiritually aware is also different for everyone.

Nevertheless, there are common signs that people who are spiritually awakened have. These people have a profound level of compassion, respect, and understanding for the world and the things in it. They can arise above feelings of despair, resentfulness, jealousy, hatred, and greed. They have an innate sense of peace, calmness, and above everything, a deeper understanding of their higher life purpose.

We must also know that the benefits of spirituality transcend beyond having higher control over our thoughts, perceptions, and emotions. It also positively affects our health, making us less susceptible to stress, anxiety, and depression.

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Must One Become Religious To Become Spiritually Aware?

As said earlier, spirituality is different for everyone. That said, spiritual awareness is not linked to any religion. It transcends higher than the barriers of the norms and restrictions that define our religious affiliations and devotional practices. However, some people may often use religion as a vehicle towards obtaining that awareness. However the path to awareness is best understood once you study and accept the definition of meditation most suitable to you. 

Meditation As The Way To Become Spiritually Aware

Some religious practices may help with the process, but meditation appears to be the most useful and popular way. It helps clear the mind and gets rid of clutter. Meditation is highly beneficial for reaching that true and calm inner reflection without judgment or bias. It helps us get rid of fears and change our negative thought patterns. By changing these aspects, we can let go of those emotional stumbling blocks that limit our awareness. There are quite a few types of meditation and you need to choose the right one for you. 

Meditation also allows us to let go of material things, people, and other sorts of attachments. It gets rid of emotional ties that keep us bonded to unhappy experiences. Beyond that, meditation does not in any way mean we become isolated from others. In truth, it helps us achieve a higher level of fulfilment and contentment, so we can create our happiness and stop relying on others to feel worthy, loved, or complete.

Meditation provides the ultimate vehicle towards profound love and respect. Beyond that, it enables connections with the source and connections with the world. That way, we are better equipped to accommodate the world’s demands without drowning in them.

Yet reaching that level of awareness demands baby steps, which means you should be prepared for more stumbling blocks. That level of awareness will not depend on anyone, including mentors, leaders, or teachers, but ourselves. It’s not a process that can be rushed or forced. When we try to rush that awareness or aggressively pursue spiritual awareness, it only gets harder to reach.

Overall, seeking awareness and enlightenment will not make us neglect other activities and help us live a fuller life.

Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

Just as awareness differs for everyone, that’s how the signs also differ. However, there are many common symbols you can look out for. They might range from vivid dreams to changing sleep patterns and fluctuating moods and emotions.

Changes in energy levels are also a common sign as we might seem energized today and lethargic the next day. Our five senses will even appear different. We seem to gain extra abilities and perceptions, including telepathic communications with angels, spirits, and other people. We will achieve a higher level of intuition, including the capacity to astral project and an increment in healing powers.

At the bottom line, awareness is, when we stop filtering everything through our acquired knowledge and the notions it builds by focusing on the past or the future. It is when awareness of our individual self and gaining connections with everything else is concurrent and in total sync.

What is Awareness in Spirituality?

No matter where you on your journey- just beginning that search for spiritual awakening or have always been a traveler on the spiritual awareness path, your answers start within you. Though your teachers or mentors may guide you on your spiritual journey, it’s vital that you perfect a clear and intimate approach.

Perhaps, you’ve only paid attention to the process in the past without allowing yourself to have the time to gain the awareness. Now is the time to put aside all restrictions and limitations. Your journey and progress begin from rediscovering yourself as the spirit within us is already always yearning for that freedom.

We must let go of struggling with ourselves, so we can seek to become whole with clarity. We must allow ourselves to retreat from mundane tasks and allocate time when we can be still. Find that quiet environment that will enable you to change your direction and listen to your own signs and the signs of those before you. While you take on this part, the struggles may continue, but it becomes easier to discover your truths in time.

Final thoughts on Spiritual Awareness or Enlightenment

Your spiritual awareness is unique to you. To get there, you must take time to listen to your heart and the immense love for yourself and others. We must let go of the egos, perceptions, and the glamor of choice to truly connect within ourselves and, by extension, the universe.

Take time to meditate, as meditation offers a seamless path to empowering our spirits. When we let go of thoughts, emotions, and prejudiced perceptions, we can reconnect our physical selves with our spiritual being. We can fully observe our minds, spirit, and body. We can attain a sense of higher self without expectations. Then we have reached the height of full awareness, where we have profound freedom to be all that we want to be.

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2 years ago

Still trying to find out what my perfect type of meditation is since there are a few of them. I’m trying to give each type a chance and see which ones brings me closer to spiritual awareness and helps me the most. Having some problems with self-doubt and feeling like I should have done more with my life and I want to get rid of these kinds of thoughts as they are not helping at all. Meditation helps me with this, it’s just a matter of finding the best type for me.

2 years ago

I’ve recently started taking 15-25 minutes daily when I just stay in a quiet room and let my thoughts run free. I write down any ideas I get or things that I have to do so that I can eventually have a clearer mind. When I get to the point, it’s like I enter a whole different place. I feel I am connected to something. And that’s when things become so straightforward and clear. It’s a wonderful experience! 

2 years ago
Reply to  Arianna

I do something similar. I try to write down everything that keeps running through my mind that is not as important. Generally things I have to get done. Then I try to close my eyes and start breathing and pay attention to my breath. It usually takes me 10+ minutes to calm my mind and be in perfect silence. I then sit like this for as long as I can. Sometimes it’s 15 minutes, other times it might be 45. I always feel refreshed and bursting with creative ideas after I do this. 

3 years ago

Wouldn’t it be great if we could gain spiritual awareness during those moments and not afterwards but that’s just how life works. We need to make mistakes and only afterwards do we get the chance to learn something from them. Some people choose to always learn something while others don’t. 

3 years ago

It’s so strange to me that we live in this wonderful day and age and still so, so many people never ask themselves “Who am I?”. And I’m not talking about who am I as in I’m an doctor or a lawyer or a truck driver. No. Who am I really? Who do I want to be? Why am I here for? By not asking this one, fundamental question, many people never get to experience their true potential. They never get to realize what they are truly good at and what they should be doing. And thus, they are never truly happy. 

2 years ago
Reply to  Katie

Yes, that is very sad and true. It took me over 40 years to ask myself that important question. It took a long, long time but still, I am thankful I finally did ask it of myself. That question turned my life upside down and made me quit the Police force after 17 years, it took me to a divorce and then to meeting the love of my life and it made me realize why I am here. Now I am doing what I love and work feels like play, I enjoy every day, every moment and I spend time surrounded by the people I love most. It’s a wonderful life and it all started with that question. 

2 years ago
Reply to  Mason

WOW! Such a beautiful story! So glad you’ve found your way. It doesn’t matter when it just matters that you did. So happy to hear stories like yours. I would honestly ask this question in school and also other questions like this one. I would make kids think about who they are and who they want to become. Because when we know who we want to become, we have a clear image and it’s much easier to actually get there when you know where you are heading. 


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